A Quick Guide to Comfortable Travel

Air travel has increasingly become one of the most popular way of traveling. Whether its leisure or business, every day airports assist thousands of people getting to their final destination safely. Choosing the perfect airline involves a number of factors, some of the most important ones including the price, destination, time, and comfortability.

Nowadays, there are numerous flight comparison websites who specialise in providing a quick and easy service to assist people finding the cheapest, quickest, and most suitable flights for them. And though there are a number of ways to guarantee a cheap flight, the cheapest options often come with restricted comfortability.

Thousands of people settle on a non-direct flight every day, something which is definitely not recommended for those who are looking for comfortability. Though non-direct flights are generally cheaper than direct flights, it will take a significant amount longer to reach the final destination. Lay-overs often come hand in hand with anxiety and high stress levels and whereas a direct flight from London to New York usually takes between six to seven and a half

The Evolution of Booking Your Travel

We all remember the days when we needed to book a flight or hotel we would have to march into the brick and mortar type travel agency to communicate our travel requirements or dream vacation and have the travel agent provide their recommendations along with options and pricing. This used to work out fine with the airline or hotel paying commissions to the travel agent (although some might suggest this was a conflict of interest when the agent entices you to take a flight or stay at the hotel where commission rates are higher). However, over the past 18 years, these commissions have been shifted onto the consumer – so you will pay more using the traditional bricks and mortar travel agency.

Then came along the ability to book directly on hotel and airline sites, these proprietary sites were built for one purpose only – to entice you to book directly with them without comparing any other options – assuring you the lowest rates. I would be stating the obvious to say these sites aren’t going to

Finding the Best Travel Deal

Searching for travel shouldn’t be a chore. Many times most of us will visit our favorite search engine, type in what we are looking for and then take what’s listed. This of course is a major mistake.

Every travel search should employ at least three search engines. The most popular are Travelocity, Expedia and Orbitz. A simple search on most of these will produce average results. If you want to really dig in and find a great deal then follow this advice.

I usually start with the first three travel search engines. When I find what im looking for, I go to the companies website directly. Just about every travel search engine tacks on fee’s. This means you will always get a better deal if you deal directly with the hotel, airline, or car company.

Here is another tip….use a ultimate travel search engine. These travel engines query multiple websites including the big three listed above. What’s great about these engines is that they pull info from the companies themselves. Some of these engines query over 100 websites to find you the best deal. This is the best tool in your bag and you should

The Travel Social Media Guide

If you have been waiting for the right travel social media guide then you do not have to wait any longer. In fact, you can organize a successful trip using the travel social media guide in detail below. First things first, employ a combination of the top social networks in addition to popular media sharing sites. In no time flat, you can quickly and easily put social media to work for you while on vacation. Even better, you will be able to get real time information as well as find out about the best means of transportation, hotel accommodations, leisure activities, restaurants, safety and much, much more. If you are like most folks, you will find it easy to depend on the internet for planning just about every aspect of travels. Leave your guidebook at home and use social media to research your trip.

In this travel social media guide you will find that TripAdvisor will allow you to use your network of friends to gain truthful travel advice about your trip. Using Facebook Connect is the easiest way to access this information. When you begin to research a location with the help of TripAdvisor, you can

Benefits Of Direct Booking

If you are planning to travel as a corporate, you should highly consider making direct bookings. This is because the bookings come with the following advantages:

Best price

It’s usually very expensive to work with agents. This is because you need to pay for the booking and at the same time pay the agent fee. This is usually expensive and results to wastage of money. When you book direct, you don’t work with agents and as a result you get the best price.

Exclusive service

Booking direct gives you exclusive promotions and packages. For example, companies will give you a discount of up to 30% when you book your flight with them.

The companies will also give you discounts of up to 20% when you book hotels with them. When you are given the discounts you are able to save and as a result you have more money to spend on your journey.

Direct relationship

Making a direct booking establishes a direct relationship with the booking company and as a result you are able to get the services that you want at a fast rate. For example, if you have

Ensuring Your Holiday and Finances Are Safe When You Travel

There are a number of ways to ensure you enjoy your holiday and keep your payment safe, all you need to do is ensure your holiday is booked through a reputable travel operator who should offer you the below safe guards. Below is an explanation to some of the jargon which you need to know to protect yourself and your holiday.

ABTA (Association of British Travel Agents) provide their tour operator members with protection against the failure of a member travel agent, but no direct protection to the consumer as such.

CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) ATOL scheme offers protection for travellers who book with ATOL members, however as the failure of the XL airline in summer 2008 showed, such protection is not nearly as clear as it seems and many people who thought they were protected under the scheme were left disillusioned and out of pocket.

If you pay for your holiday by credit card, then under the consumer Credit act 1974, you are probably protected in the event of a travel company going bust. However, this protection applies only to credit cards, and not to debit cards, such as Maestro and Visa Delta.

Using a Travel Agency Or Purchasing a Ticket From the Airline

When you want to go on a vacation that requires a flight, you have two main options for purchasing that ticket. You can purchase the ticket from the airline directly or from a travel agency. For decades, purchasing a ticket from the airline was the best option for many, unless they planned an entire vacation package with a travel agency. Even if you do not intend to do any other vacation planning with an agent, you can still sometimes get a flight through them. But what is the difference, really, and is one option better than the other?

To answer that question, you must first define what services a travel agency offers. Today, the Internet is a premier way for ordering tickets for many people. Websites sell thousands of tickets every day. Are these travel agencies? Some say yes, because they serve as a third party helping you to plan your vacation while others say no because these websites do not actually have vacation packages similar to those offered by your local travel agency. For now, let’s assume that these are not travel agencies and look at a comparison just between airlines themselves and travel agencies that