Finding the Best Travel Deal

Searching for travel shouldn’t be a chore. Many times most of us will visit our favorite search engine, type in what we are looking for and then take what’s listed. This of course is a major mistake.

Every travel search should employ at least three search engines. The most popular are Travelocity, Expedia and Orbitz. A simple search on most of these will produce average results. If you want to really dig in and find a great deal then follow this advice.

I usually start with the first three travel search engines. When I find what im looking for, I go to the companies website directly. Just about every travel search engine tacks on fee’s. This means you will always get a better deal if you deal directly with the hotel, airline, or car company.

Here is another tip….use a ultimate travel search engine. These travel engines query multiple websites including the big three listed above. What’s great about these engines is that they pull info from the companies themselves. Some of these engines query over 100 websites to find you the best deal. This is the best tool in your bag and you should always use one of these engines.

The final tip is to subscribe to travel newsletters or hotels that you might want to stay at in the future. Hotels are eager to send you discounts or coupons. I recently received two free nights to a Las Vegas hotel because I signed up for their newsletter!

If you find that deal just isn’t what you were looking for, don’t despair. Keep an eye on the rate. Hotels and airlines change their rates all the time. Call the hotel directly and ask them for their best rate sometimes you can get the best deal by calling.